About core additive

At Core Additive, we are a dynamic company driven by innovation. As a Markforged reseller, we don’t just sell technology; we offer partnerships that brings together our dedication to your success, our commitment to educating customers, providing cutting-edge technology and our unwavering support in every step of the process.

We believe in the power of knowledge; therefore, we are passionate about educating our clients in the realm of Additive Manufacturing. For you to unlock the full potential of this edge-cutting technology, we strive to empower you with information and insights to make an informed decision. Our team also possess in-depth expertise in Australian heavy industries, specifically mining and defence industries, to understand unique challenges and requirements, allowing us to offer tailored solutions.

We understand that your success is our success. We are therefore dedicated to delivering solutions that align with your vision and objectives. As pioneers and early adopters in the Additive Manufacturing industry, our continuous commitment to innovation ensures that you have access to the most advanced and robust ROI-driven solutions, helping you stay competitive in your industry and yield tangible returns.

We are dedicated to establishing and nurturing long-term relationships with our clients, founded on transparency, reliability, and integrity. With a presence across Australia, we can deliver personalised and timely service, regardless of your location. Additionally, we have a dedicated technical team that will be there every step of the process, from initial concept and implementation to ongoing support.

Together, we will harness the power of cutting-edge technology, build enduring relationships, and drive success in your industry. Join us as we pioneer the future of Additive Manufacturing, one solution at a time.


Our clients are the forefront of what we do; your success is our success


There is power in knowledge, we are here to educate clients with facts and information


Driving innovation and providing cutting-edge technology to our clients


Trust is the cornerstone of sucessful partnerships; we are here every step of the way from learning more to technical support


James Staples
James Staples, Chief Executive Officer for Core Additive (formerly known as SFDesign-Markforged), identified the problem of long lead times and turnover rates, along with high costs for complex parts in both working prototypes and end-use products.

In 2018, James found the solution in Markforged technology and partnered with them to be an official reseller and pioneer of the Additive Manufacturing industry in Australia. Since then, Core Additive has been leading industries to solve supply chain, lead times and cost challenges with Additive Manufacturing.

James also founded our sister company, SFDesign, back in 2008 when he saw a need for professional drafting services with scalable resources across the lifecycle of projects in various industries. James has developed systems that enable the team at SFDesign to provide cost-effective design and drafting services in multiple industries.

“What sets Core Additive apart is our ability to think creatively and approach challenges "outside the box." We remain flexible in our offerings, providing custom training when needed, all in an effort to support our customers in reaching their goals effectively.”
- James Staples, Founder and CEO


our sister company
SFDesign is a privately owned, multi-disciplinary, engineering and design house situated at the heart of Bentley’s Technology Park, just 7 kilometres South East of Perth CBD. With a track record of successful projects and dedication to service, we have earned the trust of over 300 clients who rely on our expertise and industry-based solutions. As an integral part of our clients’ engineering, design, 3D scanning, and drafting processes, we take pride in our role in their success.

Our team comprises more than 30 talented individuals, including Principal Engineers, Project Engineers, Design Engineers from various disciplines, Lead Designers, Structural/Mechanical/Piping Designers, and Design Drafters. Their diverse expertise and combined experience enable us to deliver innovative and well-informed solutions through the R&D and Design phases of projects, regardless of size. If you are interested in entrusting a project with us, we invite you to get in touch via the contact form below or alternatively, you can contact us on 1300 796 757.

Meet our team

James Staples
Chief Executive Officer
Lianne Kelly
Sales and Marketing Director
Technical Director
Mia Truong
People Operations Manager
darragh macken
Business Development Manager
Vaishnav Ranjan
Applications Engineer
audrey yong
Marketing Coordinator
Amanda D'Cruz
Office Administrator