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Core Additive's extensive partner network provides top-tier Additive Manufacturing aross Australia


Core Additive is a leader in providing cutting-edge Additive Manufacturing solutions in Australia. As an official reseller of 3DS and Markforged equipment, we take pride in our consultative sales approach, supplying clients with a suite of Additive Manufacturing solutions and through-life support to help clients enhance and optimise their business processes

Frequently asked questions

If you have further questions, contact us here
what is additive manufacturing?
Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing or industrial manufacturing, is a process of creating three-dimensional objects by layering or adding material one thin cross-sectionat a time. Unlike traditional subtractive manufacturing methods, which involve cutting or shaping a solid piece of material to achieve the desired shape, Additive Manufacturing builds objects layer by layer from the bottom up.
what are the advantages of additive manufacturing?
Some advantages include:
- Design Freedom
- Reduced Material Waste
- Rapid Prototyping
- Customisation
- Ability to create complex and intricate geometries that may be impossible or expensive to manufacture using traditional methods
Isn't additive manufacturing only for prototyping?
Additive Manufacturing isn’t only for prototyping anymore. Additive Manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing or Industrial Manufacturing, offers a wide range of benefits beyond prototyping. Additive Manufacturing now allows small to medium enterprises to manufacture small production batches within their home country, a capability previously beyond their reach. This technology also reduces the expenses associated with large-scale production runs and minimises stock wastage, particularly benefiting startup businesses that might lack the market capacity for extensive production.

A setup compromising several smaller 3D printers – such as 3D Systems' Figure 4 Standalone or Markforged Mark Two - can be used to achieve medium-volume production by concurrently printing multiple components across different printers. You can learn more about each printer here or alternatively, you can email us at sales@coreadditive.au, or submit a form to speak to one of our team members in choosing the best printer for you.
when will i see my return on investment (roi)?
You can expect to see your ROI soon after your printer purchase, as the advantages of utilising Additive Manufacturing become apparent right from the moment the first part is printed. Through the use of Additive Manufacturing technologies, companies can accelerate prototype development significantly, resulting in faster product launches and reduced material wastage.

The ROI of your machine investment is influenced by several factors, such as quantity of parts manufactured, the value of applications enabled by Additive Manufacturing, and the costs involved in replacing conventional manufacturing techniques. We recommend getting in contact with us at sales@coreadditive.au or submitting a form to receive a tailor-made ROI calculation which will assist you in making an informed decision about integrating Markforged Additive Manufacturing technology into your business.
Why Onyx, if Polylactic Acid (PLA) or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) can be used?
When it comes to surface finish, chemical resistance and heat tolerance, Markforged’s Onyx sets the standard in Additive Manufacturing. The material is a micro carbon fiber-filled nylon, is known for exceptional strength and stiffness, and is 50% stronger than ABS. Its versatility extends further, as Onyx can be also reinforced with various continuous fibers.

While PLA and ABS serve admirably for prototyping or test fitting parts, when precision and robustness are essential, Onyx shines as the unrivalled choice for high-strength prints. Its unmatched properties make it ideal for applications demanding accuracy and resilience.
what materials can be used in additive manufacturing?
Additive manufacturing can utilise various materials, including plastics, metals, and even composite materials. The choice of material depends on the specific application and the type of 3D printer being used. The Markforged range of printers can print all of the materials listed above.
how does additive Manufacturing add value to my business?
Additive Manufacturing offers numerous advantages to your business by reducing dependency on external supply chains, thereby lowering costs associated with prototyping and production. There are multiple benefits of incorporating Additive Manufacturing into your processes:

1. Accelerated Time to Market: Additive Manufacturing accelerates the product process, giving you a competitive advantage
2. Cost Reduction: By reducing the reliance on outsourced manufacturing and reducing the necessity for traditional manufacturing processes, Additive Manufacturing plays a pivotal role in reducing overall manufacturing costs
3. Streamlined Workflows: Ineffective manufacturing workflows can be substituted with more efficient and optimised Additive Manufacturing processes, enhancing overall productivity and resource utilisation
4. Customisation and Complexity: Additive Manufacturing enables businesses to craft intricate and customised products that were previously difficult or unfeasible to manufacture using traditional methods
5. Tooling and Fixture Elimination: Through Additive Manufacturing, you can directly produce parts and components without the requirement for costly tooling or fixtures, resulting in time and cost savings
6. Enhanced Product Development: Additive Manufacturing allows for seamless integration with Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) programming and detailed drawings, contributing to a more streamlined and accurate product development process

By leveraging the benefits of Additive Manufacturing, your business can achieve greater flexibility, cost savings, and innovation, positioning itself for sustained success in today’s dynamic market landscape.
how does additive manufacturing shorten my lead time?
Additive Manufacturing shortens lead times with its key benefit of rapid design and prototyping, reducing time and costs in areas like R&D, development, and production. Your business can easily adapt to market trends and can produce products ahead of your competitors, giving you a huge market advantage.
after i purchased a 3d printer and a technical error occurs, how do i fix it?
We understand that stuff happens and you might be in a twist trying to figure out what to do – fret not, you are not alone! Core Additive’s team is here every step of the way.

Contact us through support@coreadditive.au and our Technical Support team will get in contact with you to provide the necessary information to get your printer back up and running.
is additive manufacturing environmentally friendly?
Due to reduced material waste, Additive Manufacturing is more sustainable than traditional manufacturing, like CNC machining.

our customers stories

Get an insight into our customer stories and how they have adopted Markforged additive manufacturing technologies.

Russell Mineral Equipment | WA

As a global leader in this field, Russel Mineral Equipment (RME) turned to Markforged for in-house production of strong and accurate prototypes, resulting in time and cost savings while enabling faster delivery of products and services to customers

Future Engineering | WA

Future Engineering is a machine shop with a fleet of the latest equipment in both CNC and 3DP, servicing Oil and Gas, Rail, Mining, and Defence; they set their eyes on Additive Manufacturing as the future of production

DCISIV Technologies | QLD

In the rapidly growing Australian robotics sector, the necessity to automate operations has become paramount for the company's viability amid high labour and operational costs in the manufacturing sector, delve into why DCISIV utilised Markforged's Additive Manufacturing technology to propell them to a prominent position in the industry

Innoflight | QLD

Discover how Innoflight, a manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles, resolved the dilemma of balancing high minimum order quantities, lengthy lead times, and ensuring top-quality end-use products through the integration of Additive Manufacturing

Lift Industries | QLD

Using Markforged Additive Manufacturing technologies, Lift Industries has seen positive results in cost and downtime reduction. Markforged Additive Manufacturing technology not only creates complex geometries, saves on time and costs but is user-friendly - as simple as "print and play"

Caladan Oceanic | QLD

Caladan Oceanic is committed to advancing undersea technology and facilitating expeditions to enhance ocean understanding and its initial application of Additive Manufacturing for rapid prototyping has since evolved into a broader scope

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