CORE ADDITIVE - Formally known as SFDesign-Markforged - provides complete additive manufacturing solutions from the initial sales consultation through to support and service including supplying of materials.

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SFDesign is a privately owned, multi-disciplinary engineering and design house located in Perth, Western Australia. We have the unique position where we can offer our customers design and engineering capabilities all from under the same roof at our headquarters in Bentley. SFDesign have a proven history of successful projects and service a growing list of over 300 clients who rely on us for our expertise and industry-based solutions, and we are often an integral part of our client’s processes.

Our team consists of over 30 employees ranging from Principal Engineers, Project Engineers, Design Engineers in each engineering discipline, Lead Designers, Piping / Structural / Mechanical Designers, and Design Drafters.

With all this combined experience, we are able to provide our partners with innovative and well-informed solutions within the R&D and Design phases of their projects, no matter the size.

Frequently asked questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions, help you to determine your next steps in your Markforged Journey.
How does Additive Manufacturing add value to my business?
Additive manufacturing (AM) adds value to your business by reducing reliance on the external supply chain (such as outsourcing manufacturing), which reduces the cost of prototyping and production.

Benefits Include:
- Getting products to market quicker
- Reducing manufacturing costs
- Replacing inecient manufacturing workows
- Ability to produce complex or customised products
- Manufacture without tooling or xtures
- Product parts with CAM programming or detail drawings
Isn't 3D printing only for prototyping?
No, AM now allows small to medium enterprises (SME) to produce small production runs within the origin country where they were previously incapable. It also minimises costs of large production runs and stock wastage, especially for start-up businesses who may not have the market capacity for large scale production.

Medium volume production can be achieved with parallelisation, a setup consisting of multiple smaller Markforged printers to achieve volume production by printing multiple parts at the same time across different printers.
What is Eiger technology?
Eiger is an integrated, connected platform designed to take you from CAD to functional parts quickly. The browser-based workflow is secure, fast, and intuitive. Eiger enables you to print composite parts reinforced with continuous fibres and metals. You can prep parts for printing with a single click or drill deeply into part settings to optimise your final product.
Do the printers come with software?
Yes, All Markforged printers come with Eiger Core. ( Offline Eiger and Eiger fleet are available at additional costs).

Eiger fleet is for customers with lots of Markforged printers, that are distributed around the world, or the country and have large teams. For a majority of businesses interested in a Markforged printer - Eiger Core is suitable.
If I purchased a printer and a technical error occurred, how do I fix it?
Contact one of our team members through and we will provide you with the necessary information to get your printer back up and running. SFDesign have a full time Application Engineer (AE) who is dedicated to the technical support of our Markforged customers and will guide you on the process to submit a support ticket with Markforged or assist you with the basics like bed levelling, loading lament and maintaining your Markforged 3D Printer.
Technical Support
When will I see my ROI?
As soon as the part is printed. By allowing designers to use AM technologies, the rate at which prototypes are developed is radically improved, bringing more products to market faster and with less material waste.

Machine ROI depends on the volume of parts, application value and replacement cost. We recommend working with your local Markforged Representative to run an ROI calculation if this is imperative.
Is Additive Manufacturing environmentally sustainable?
AM is a technology that is inherently sustainable when compared to conventional manufacturing and prototyping processes for product development. Businesses can now rapidly prototype within minutes of completing their designs, reducing lead time from concept to production, fewer carbon emissions from transport and less waste due to the layer-by-layer build-up process instead of the traditional subtractive method.
How does Additive Manufacturing shorten my lead-time?
Designers can now rapidly prototype within minutes of completing their designs, reducing lead time from concept to production.

Reducing international or domestic shipping from the existing supplier, not relying on outside companies to complete manufacturing or delivery are all key components to reducing lead time for your team and ultimately your customers.
What is Blacksmith technology?
Blacksmith for X7 is a subscription feature available through Eiger, the additive manufacturing software for Mark-forged. It scans, measures, and compares dimensional accuracy data of printed parts to their design les – giving manufacturers reliable parts right o the print bed. By scanning parts, while they print, the X7 is the only industrial-grade FFF 3D printer with in-process part verification.
Why do I need Onyx, when PLA/ABS is fine
Onyx is a micro carbon fibre filled nylon. It’s 1.4x stronger and stiffer than ABS and can be reinforced with any continuous fibre. Onyx sets the bar for surface finish, chemical resistivity, and heat tolerance. PLA and ABS are great materials for prototyping or test fitting parts, but when accuracy and strength are required, there is no substitute for a high-strength Onyx print.

PLA and TPU are coming to Markforged printers as well. So if you need deferent colours for visual effect, or flexibility in your prints, without the need for strong carbon fibre parts, there are additional options available without having to for-go Markforged’s world-renowned quality and accuracy.


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our customers stories

Get an insight into our customer stories and how they have adopted Markforged additive manufacturing technologies.

Russell Mineral Equipment | WA

A global leader in it's field, RME looked to Markforged to produce prototypes that are both strong and accurate in-house. This has lead to time saving in their product development process and equal saving in cost by being able to deliver products and services to their customers faster.

Future Engineering | WA

Future Engineering is a machine shop with a fleet of the latest equipment in both CNC and 3DP that services Oil & Gas, Rail, Mining, and Defence. They turned to Markforged to be able to product high strength, accurate components for their customers and their internal manufacturing processes.

DCISIV Technologies | QLD

As a young company within the Australian robotics industry, automating processes has become crucial to the survivability of the company as a result of higher wages and operating costs in Australia's manufacturing industry. Having the ability to rapidly prototype using Markforged AM technologies has helped the company become a key competitor in their field.

Innoflight | QLD

Innoflight, a UAV manufacturing company focusing on lidar surveying found Additive Manufacturing technology the solution to high MOQ and lead times for developing prototypes. This technology reduced their production costs, downtime and design issues due to having a Markforged readily available to print their parts at a push of a button.

Lift Industries | QLD

Using Markforged AM technologies, Lift Industries have seen positive results in cost and downtime reduction. Markforged AM technology not only creates complex geometries, saves on time and costs but is user-friendly - As simple as "print and play".

Caladan Oceanic | QLD

Caladan Oceanic, own the deepest diving submersible in the world "Limiting Factor". The only sub to be able to do repeat dives to full ocean depth. The team at Caladan Oceanic are also heavily involved in science and research with institutes around the world. Caladan Oceanic chose Additive Manufacturing to initially help with rapid prototyping to understand if a part fits, but now are manufacturing parts with their Markforged printer as they are able to print complex geometries very quickly and easily. The printed parts are fitted inside the pilot sphere.

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