3d systems ext 1270 titan pellet

high-speed, large format industrial 3d printer with cnc milling option

EXT 1270 Titan Pellet (formerly Titan Atlas 3.6), 3D Systems' largest printer, is a versatile and reliable industrial Additive Manufacturing system designed to leverage low-cost thermoplastic pellet feedstocks

Print faster

Up to 10x faster compared to traditional filament extrusion 3D printing with deposition rates as high as 13.6kg (30lbs) per hour

lower costs

Lights-out manufacturing and the option of in situ milling and utilisation of pellet feedstocks

Reliable production

Print most large parts in one piece, eliminating the need for gluing

built for production

Purpose-built for production Additive Manufacturing, capable of producing functional, high-performance parts in industries such as foundry, automotive, aerospace and defense, and consumer products

pellet extrusion

Enables the use of highly flexible elastomers and high-percentage glass and carbon-filled materials, from commondity feedstocks to high-temperature, high-performance materials

hybrid manufacturing

Incorporates our proven pallet extrusion system and may be equipped with additional toolheads on the same gantry

ext 1070 titan pellet

Ideal for manufacturing large-scale parts, ranging from tooling and patterns to end-use products


Pellet Extrusion


18,000 RPM
Width 3350 mm
Depth 3050 mm
Height 3050 mm
Weight 2722 kg / 6000 lbs
Width 1270 mm
Depth 1270 mm
Height 1829 mm


How many toolheads can the ext 1270 have?
The EXT 1270’s gantry can support up to three toolheads, making it highly customizable for your needs. The machine comes standard with one pellet extruder, but optional configurations allow for a second pellet extruder, a milling spindle toolhead, or a single filament extruder.
Why would you want to print with two different materials on one print?
Examples of dual material printing include printing water-soluble supports for high-performance model material or printing flexible and rigid materials in the same part. With the dual retracting pellet extruders available on the Ext 1270, you can print with two different pellet materials in the same print. Or, with a dual extruder system of one pellet extruder and one filament extruder, you can print with two materials and also select the right extrusion method for your application.
do i have to use 3d systems' materials on the ext 1070?
No. The EXT 1270 is compatible with a wide range of pellet and filament materials from various suppliers, giving customers the flexibility to choose the materials that best suit their application needs. 3D Systems' experienced professionals can offer recommendations on materials and provide options that have already been tested on Titan systems for added peace of mind.Shape
Can you mill a 3d printed part that is taller than 100mm (4in), the reach of the spindle toolhead?
Yes. The software preparation of the print file determines how many milling passes are required based on the overall part height. The machine can print a certain height and then mill that section before continuing with the next layer. This allows for true hybrid manufacturing, where the 3D printing and CNC milling processes are integrated seamlessly to produce fully finished and functional parts in a single machine.
how is the ext 1270 different from titan's other model, the ext 1070?
The primary difference is build size. The EXT 1070’s maximum print size is 1070mm x 1070mm x 1118mm (42” x 42” x 44”) while the EXT 1270 can print up to 1270mm x 1270mm x 1829mm (50” x 50” x 72”).
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