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Additive Manufacturing has revolutionized aerospace and aviation by enabling the production of intricate, lightweight components with unprecedented design flexibility - discover its full potential below

Innoflight technology

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Discover how Innoflight, a manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles, resolved the dilemma of balancing high minimum order quantities, lengthy lead times, and ensuring top-quality end-use products through the integration of Additive Manufacturing

innoflight technology

Innoflight Technology is a pioneering uncrewed aerial vehicle manufacturing firm dedicated to innovative design and adapting to custom demands, overcoming the challenge of rapid obsolescence with the transformative power of Additive Manufacturing - read more below
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Precision Quality Inspection

JJ Churchill (JJC), a renowned leader in precision aerospace engineering and manufacturing, overcame the time and cost challenges of machining highly accurate, repeatable, and robust inspection fixtures by adopting Markforged's Onyx with continuous carbon fiber reinforcement; Manufacturing Engineer, Karan Singh, said, "once we realized the directional strength properties available with the Markforged products, we haven't used anything else."

Learn more about JJC's non-wavering decision below
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Carbon Fiber FR-A | Onyx FR-A

Onyx FR-A and Carbon Fiber FR-A are purpose-built for the requirements of the aerospace, transportation and automotive industries. FR-A materials establish lot-level material traceability and pass the test suite necessary for qualification under 14 CFR 25.853 for most 3D-printable parts. Onyx FR-A and Carbon Fiber FR-A as printed on the Markforged X7 are undergoing qualification through the NCAMP, the National Centre for Advanced Materials Performance, process.

Carbon Fiber FR is a flame-retardant variant of Markforged’s unique, ultra-high-strength Continuous Carbon Fiber — when used to reinforce a Composite Base material like Onyx FR-A, it can yield parts as strong as 6061-T6 Aluminium. It’s extremely stiff and strong, and can be precisely laid down in a wide variety of geometries. Programmatically trace curved features, reinforce holes, and mimic unidirectional fiber layups — all within a few clicks.
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