cnc machine shops

Additive Manufacturing seamlessly integrates with CNC machining to revolutionise production processes that drive innovation to deliver precision and efficiency

distributed tooling

Cutting-edge Additive Manufacturing for tooling allows for the effortless production of durable parts in diverse geometrics that can be digitally transmitted to enable point-of-need 3D printing, regardless of whether it's in a single local ship or across twenty global sites

custom part production

For low-volume and specialised parts, Additive Manufacturing offers a way to execute the entire manufacturing process - design, production, and support - on a single platform, enabling cost-effective, faster, and superior production

streamline mro at scale

Distributed Additive Manufacturing boosts MRO efficiency by maintaining a global digital parts inventory, enabling on-demand 3D printing for unparalleled agility in addressing manufacturing challenges

sqp engineering

application spotlight
Built on the pillars of Service, Quality and Precision, SQP Engineering is committed to pushing engineering boundaries, consistently delivering innovative designs, efficient processes, and sustainable solutions, showcased through their creation of a bespoke mould for Polyline Industries

future engineering

why additive manufacturing
Future Engineering is committed to the latest developments in machinery and their eye landed on Additive Manufacturing - learn more in the video
case study

Why Guhring UK Turned to 3D Printing Specialty Tools

Explore the emergence of a new revenue stream for Guhring UK, a renowned speciality tool manufacturer for leading companies like BMW, Airbus, BAE Systems, and Jaguar Land Rover, on leveraging Markforged metal 3D printer to create an initial prototype milling cutter, the performance of the part and the efficiency gains from lightweight tool 3D printing in production lines
case study

3D Printed Tool Lifts 2000lb (960kg) Engine Piston

Helsinki-based billion-dollar manufacturer, Wärtsilä, achieved substantial cost savings by optimising manufacturing processes through 3D printing, utilising lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber tools that can lift up to 2000 lbs (960 kg) while being 75% lighter than their machined counterparts, demostrating benefits in transportation cost reduction, accelerated new product introduction, and factory optimisation for cost reduction and product efficiency

3D Printed Tooling and Fixtures

Discover how industrial 3D printers generate durable, high-strength parts capable of withstanding demanding manufacturing floor conditions, serving as tools, jigs, and fixtures in three practical applications that not only reduce lead times and material expenses but also enhance machine capacity
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