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Additive Manufacturing allows the Research and Development process to be simplified and streamlined, from prototyping to end use products - discover its full potential below


Centor, an award-winning manufacturer, creates custom integrated doors for residential and commercial buildings, each requiring a proof of concept, but validating component and assembly designs had been challenging due to high machining costs and unreliable outsourcing - find out how they found the solution in Markforged's Additive Manufacturing technology

caladan oceanic

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Caladan Oceanic is committed to advancing undersea technology and facilitating expeditions to enhance ocean understanding, resulting in the creation of "Limiting Factor", a commercially certified two-man submersible capable of reaching full ocean depth (11,000 m/36,000 ft), and its initial application of Additive Manufacturing for rapid prototyping has since evolved into a broader scope; learn more in the accompanying video

Functional Prototyping with Metal 3D Printing

Explore how the Metal X enables cost-effective, in-house production of functional prototypes with minimal labour compared to alternative methods

New Forge Engineering

New Forge Engineering is an industrial 3D printing service that caters to various industries, they faced challenges of high cost and long lead times with traditional manufacturing methods - find out how they found the solution in Markforged's Additive Manufacturing technology
product development

Learn How to 3D Print End-of-Arm Tooling For Industrial Robots

Senior Application Engineer Nick Sondej demonstrates how 3D printed end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) effectively overcomes the common issues associated with conventional manufacturing processes by optimising strength-to-weight ratios, enabling, conformal design for unique parts, and facilitating cost-efficient rapid iterations, which will evidenced through various customer applications and the development process of diverse 3D printed EOAT types

Five Parts You Didn't Know You Can 3D Print

Explore the remarkable evolution of Additive Manufacturing, particularly in composite 3D printing, which has enabled the creation of parts rivalling the strength of aluminium and greatly expanding the technology's applications from early prototyping to producing industrial-grade tolling, fixtures, and end-use components through real-world design and manufacturing examples from Haddington Dynamics, Lean Machine, JJ Churchill and Hunter High School


In the rapidly growing Australian robotics sector, the necessity to automate operations has become paramount for the company's viability amid high labour and operational costs in the manufacturing sector, delve into why DCISIV utilised Markforged's Additive Manufacturing technology to propell them to a prominent position in the industry
Product Development

3D Printed Metal and Composite Assemblies

Participate in the discussion led by Markforged engineers, exploring the synergistic benefits of combining metal and carbon fiber 3D printing systems to produce robust tools tailored for enhanced manufacturing processes, while uncovering diverse strategies for seamless integration of these complementary technologies
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3D Printed Custom Hand Control Device

Markforged Partner: AW Miller

Sure Grip Hand Controls is a leading manufacturer of aids for disabled drivers. They're a veteran of additive manufacturing, and have worked with 3D printers since 2012. As they began expanding into international markets, they realized that in order to compete, they needed a next-generation solution which would give them part quality and durability to rival moulded components.

This part is the body of the RF Mini, a control device that helps drivers operate several secondary functions of the car, like the horn and windshield wipers. It centralizes multiple controls onto one device, working in tandem with a receiver integrated into the vehicle. It originated as a sketch meant for a single customer. 3D printing made it practical to produce a custom solution, which performed so well it became its own successful product. While Sure Grip had access to other 3D printers, the ABS-printed version had visible layer lines and a rough surface even after post-processing. The Markforged-printed version is made in Onyx and assembled directly off the printer, with no finishing required.
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Design Guide for 3D Printing with Composites

Navigate the essential aspects of the design process for effectively optimising parts produced on Markforged composite 3D printers, emphasising the need for high-strength components and the advantages of designing for Additive Manufacturing, which allows for intricate geometrics, customisation, and reduced part assemblies

Design Guide for 3D Printing with Metal

Explore the essential design insights for successful part printing on the Markforged Metal X 3D printer, how to leverage the Bound Powder Extrusion (BPE) process that combines metal powder with waxy polymers, delivered in filament form and extruded, akin to FFF printing, and valuable tips to optimise designs for metal 3D printing, material selection and post-processing choices

3D Printed Tooling and Fixtures

Discover how industrial 3D printers generate durable, high-strength parts capable of withstanding demanding manufacturing floor conditions, serving as tools, jigs, and fixtures in three practical applications that not only reduce lead times and material expenses but also enhance machine capacity
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