3d systems dmp factory 500

Modularity for a scaleable factory solution

Designed to maximise efficiency by optimizing utilisation - each module is fully integrated with a Removable Print Module (RPM) which is vacuum sealable for a controlled print environment and engineered to move between printer and powder modules for continuous production workflow

modularity for a scalable factory solution

Optimise efficiency with funcion-specific modules integrating a Removable Print Module (RPR) for controlled printing envrionments. Printer Modules (PTM) ensure continuous part production, while Depowdering Module (DPM) and Powder Recycling Module (PRM) handle powder management

seamless large parts

The intelligent laser configuration and 3DXpert software-driven scan technology enable the highest surface qualit for metal 3D printed parts with outstanding material properties

Uniform, repeatable quality

Powder degradation is elimited by keeping the powder under inert conditions at all times, whether printing, depowdering, recycling, or transporting between modules is achievable with a vaccum chamber to ensure the lowest O2 content

Lower part costs

Ability to match the number and type of modules required helps optimise the investment while minimising manual processes further reducing ownership and operational costs

High productivity

Large build volume and high throughput enabled by multiple lasers

dmp fACTORY 500

Workflow optimized solution for massive scalability, repeatable high-quality parts, high throughput


Direct Metal Printing (DMP)


± 0.1-0.2% with ± 100 μm minimum
Width 3010 mm
Depth 2350 mm
Height 3160 mm
Weight 8232 kg
Width 500 mm
Depth 500 mm
Height 500 mm

dmp factory 500 materials

Laserform ti gr23 (a)

High Strength, low weight, excellent biocompatibility - lower Oxygen than Gr5

Laserform alsi10mg (a)

Good mechanical properties and good thermal conductivity

Laserform ni718 (a)

Oxidant, corrosion and extremely high-temperature resistant

all-in-one integrated software for industrial additive manufacturing
3DXpert is an all-in-one integrated software to prepare, optimise and manufacture 3D CAD models using industrial Additive Manufacturing. Supporting every step of the workflow from design to post-processing, 3DXpert streamlines the process to quickly and efficiently transition from a 3D model to a successfull printed part
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