3d systems dmp flex 200

Professional and precise metal 3D printer with 500W laser source

Designed for professional 3D printed metal manufacturing for small, complex, fine detail metal parts at high quality using 3D Systems' direct metal printing (DMP) technology

high performance at low cost

Capabilities of reduced cost per part and faster delivery times, combined with the ability to print with fewer supports for improved surface finish, resulting in reduced post-processing requirements and decreased material usage

easy loading and cleaning

New build plate clamping mechanism and internal vacuum cleaner improve process chamber cleanliness, preventing powder exposure and oxygen entry

experiment with small powder quantities

New build volume reducer is ideal for material researches and academic research departments looking to test, experiment and develop new alloy formulations or print limited quantities of precious metal

dmp flex 200

Complete 3D printer solution with high precision and repeatability


Direct Metal Printing (DMP)


±0.1-0.2% with ± 50μm minimum
Width 1210 mm
Depth 1720 mm
Height 2100 mm
Weight 1400 kg
Width 140 mm
Depth 140 mm
Height 275 mm

dmp flex 200 materials

Laserform cocr (b) or (c)

Highly corrosion and wear resistant, suitable for biomedical

laserform ti gr5 (a)

High strength, low weight, excellent biocompatibility

laserform ti gr23 (a)

High strength, low weight, excellent biocompatibility - lower Oxygen than Gr5

laserform 316l (b)

Able to be sterilised and highly corrosion resistant

all-in-one integrated software for industrial additive manufacturing
3DXpert is an all-in-one integrated software to prepare, optimise and manufacture 3D CAD models using industrial Additive Manufacturing. Supporting every step of the workflow from design to post-processing, 3DXpert streamlines the process to quickly and efficiently transition from a 3D model to a successfull printed part
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