3d systems ext 220 med

first 3d printing platform specifically designed for medical device production

Formerly known as Kumovis R1, is the only extrusion platform that features an integrated clean room and is validated by leading medical device manufacturers and hospitals worldwide

fully controllable build chamber heating

Heat up to 250°C, prevent device warping, increase layer adhesion, and adapt build chamber temperature to suit specific polymers

Laminar airflow enabling homogenous temperature distribution

Guarantee repoducibility with no temperature gradient within the build part

Adaptive local temperature maangement

Adjust local cooling for each strand and layer individually, heat up to further increase layer adhesion, reduce the need for post-processing, and simplify removal of support structures

3d print medical devices in high performance polymers


ext 220 med

Enables printing of implants and instruments using high performance polymers, including PEEK and Radel® PPSU


Fused Layer Manufacturing (FLM)


100/100/100 μm
Width 823 mm
Depth 985 mm
Height 1950 mm
Ø180 x 150 mm

ext 220 med materials

PEEK (Ployetheretherketone)

High performance, bicompatible polyme ideal for medical implants

Radel ppsu (polyphenylsulfone)

High impact strength polymer ideal for sterilisable medical instruments

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