3d systems sls 380

industrial-scale, process controlled additive manufacturing solution for selective laser sintering

Production-grade nylon materials, advanced software workflow and new selective laser sintering technology come together for a highly productive for direct 3D production

production-grade sls workflow solution

High throughput SLS additive manfacturing solution with unprecedented levels of throughput, consistency, performance and yield - optimised for those taking the next step in integrating into factory-floor ecosystem

Repeatable parts, high yield

Utilising a custom-developed algorithm and a closed-loop process controls that enables high levels of repeatability across multiple parts, builds, machines and sites

100,000 thermal data samples per second

Manages eight separately calibrated heaters, together with an integrated high-resolution IR camera to maintain temperature stasis for every part build-layer for the duration of the build process

introducing sls 380


sls 380

Best-in-class quality, fast build times, automated production tools, and a lower total cost of operation over similar printers


Selective laser sintering (SLS) technology


2.7 l/hr
Width 174 mm
Depth 123 mm
Height 230 mm
Weight 1360 kg / 3000 lbs
Width 381 mm
Depth 330 mm
Height 460 mm
setting the new standard in 3d printing

Prepare and optimise CAD data and then manage the Additive Manufacturing process on the 3D Systems' plastic 3D printers

a new level of management in 3d printing

Provides a secure cloud-based connection to 3D Systems service teams for proactive and preventative support, enabling better service to improve uptime and deliver production assurance for the system

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