Inspection - (Formerly known as Blacksmith) Is an autopilot for digital manufacturing — connecting part design, production, inspection, and quality control with powerful AI

Available in the Advanced Digital Forge Subscription tier


Select from critical part features that are automatically detected for detailed inspection and quickly determine if they meet the exact specifications


View automatically generated details and insights about parts using heat mapping, point cloud data capture, and visualization and capture a quick snapshot of part accuracy or view specific measurements of each point captured for a more detailed look

fiber placement verification

Ensures to get the right part every time without having to perform a costly and destructive fiber verification process, enables automatic in-process non-destructive testing to make sure the fiber is located exactly where it should be to provide the desired strength needed

Custom quality reports

Select and name the critical part measurements that matter most to you to detail strength, accuracy, and measurement data and download an automatically generated, customizable digital inspection report around that data for documentation and traceability


Intuitive, a simple workflow in Eiger™, and autonomous scanning make part inspection accessible to all users

rich data visualisation

View details and insights about parts using heat maps and point cloud visualisations, capture a quick snapshot of part accuracy or view specific measurements for a more detailed look

custom reports

Download an automatically generated, customizable inspection report for documentation and traceability - compliance, made easy

print failure detection

Inspection-enabled devices detect when a print has failed and automatically pause the print for user review

Introducing inspection (formerly Blacksmith) AI with VP of Product Jon Reilly

webinar on-demand
Join VP of Product, Jon Reilly on an exciting journey as he delves into the future of software and AI in manufacturing. In this webinar, you'll gain insights into the transformative potential of software advancements, Markforged's vision toward software-controlled fabrication, and live demonstration of Inspection (formerly Blacksmith) and the seamless connection between inspection equipment to printers!
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